Wind Energy Department Print

Within WIND ENERGY Department, the Company has as main target the implementation and development of RENEWABLE ENERGY PROJECTS – wind energy, in Romania, a country with a very high technical potential, which has not been fully exploited until now.  


For this purpose, based on some studies and specialized evaluations, made by the specialists within the department, the Company has identified and secured more locations, in high wind energy POTENTIAL region areas, in Moldova, which it plans to render profitable in order to implement wind energy projects.  


EA GE-T provides INVESTMENT Opportunities within WIND ENERGY Projects and has logistics, specialized HR and expertise to provide support, consultancy and services for the implementation and development of these solutions, and, later on, their integration in the national grid system.


The development of wind energy projects can be made in two ways: in partnership with an investor/wind turbines manufacturer or by purchasing the services within the project.