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The team in the WIND ENERGY Department has set as a main target for 2009: the implementation and development of a WIND ENERGY PROJECT, in Romania, in partnership with a Spanish investor, with whom EA GE-T has already started the collaboration in order to fulfill the proposed objective. 


EA GE-T has already begun to implement this project, commencing the process of securing the necessary land, located in a high wind energy potential, in the east of Romania (Moldova area), where, at the beginning, wind masts are to be installed.  


The wind masts will measure the wind speed at a 80 m height, during 2009, in order to establish the area wind energy potential for the installation of the first wind turbine in 2010, which it will be connected to the national grid system. 


Later on, the Company has as objective the integration of this wind turbine into a WIND ENERGY PARK, containing 20 wind turbines with a capacity of 40 MW and the pillar height of 80 m: 

  • Making studies, having as object the impact of the wind energy park on the environment;
  • Connecting the wind turbines to the national grid system;
  • Selling electricity to end-users and distributors;
  • Rendering profitable the green certificated on the Romanian energy market.
09 Feb 2023

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