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EURO AVIA® - Green Energy Technologies [EAGE-T] is a Romanian, private Company, with activities in the field of NON-CONVENTIONAL (renewable) ENERGIES.  


The Company is part of EURO AVIA® Holding – a Romanian Consultancy Company, set-up in 1998 and specialized in consultancy services and INVESTMENT Projects development, with activities, mainly, in CIVIL AVIATION. 


EURO AVIA® focused on other domains of interest, as well, such as RENEWABLE ENERGY, setting up a GREEN Energy Department in 2004, where it has been analyzing the possibility of implementing renewable energy sources in Romania.  


Later on, this department has become EURO AVIA® - Green Energy Technologies Ltd., a company whose main target has been the development and promotion of RENEWABLE ENERGY solutions, in Romania - the fastest growing energy source in the world - a clean, modern and efficient technology for the future.


For additional information, please send us your inquiries, using our contact coordinates or accessing our  Inquiry Form.

13 Jul 2024

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